It worked when nothing else would….. I used to Cleansol Tilex for cleaning my bathroom tiles which were looking very dirty and lot of scaling …….. I am looking to such a product in the market which is safe for my costly tiles and does not itch out the surface of the tiles and the cemented joints…… I come across to the Cleansol Tilex…… one of the company executive give the demo of their product…. i was wonder about the cleaning of the tiles…… it become so shiny and look like new…. it was really a superb product…..Thanks to Cleansol for providing me this solution to the problem

Mr. K Bhatia, Director IPL Academy

What Like about Cleansol ……. the service…… its really very outstanding… with prompt action .

Shri Mohan Singh

I love the way my School smells after  moping with Cleansol Pinex. As soon as you walk inside the smell hits you and all you can think is CLEAN

Mrs. Doorva Sharma , Principal

I just wanted to commend Cleansol on their wonderful range of products and their personal and highly professional service. We use many of their products which give excellent results which is obviously crucial to our company and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. The Washroom Cleaner and Glass Cleaner are favorites with our Hotel. We wish them a good luck for their future.

Mr. M Hussain. GM

We using the Cleansol Ultra from last 7 years and we are very much satisfied with their product. So far we have not get any complain either from our customer or from cleansol regarding the quality and supply.

Edward Drycleaners

Earlier I was using number of chemicals for maintaining my swimming pool which was lot of time consuming and not  cost effective. But when  i come across with technical team of Cleansol and follow them to how maintain the Swimming pool. we are very much surprise that there was 30-35 % cost reduction and man power require for maintaining  the pool decrease. The water is always crystal clear and our driving increase by 3 times. I once again thanks Cleansol for their guidance and same time I also recommended all pool owner to follow them.

Mr. Mehta

The products are what we have been looking for. The floor cleaner and Furniture polish is equally fantastic and versatile. I have used it on windows, mirrors, woodwork and glass and it makes them shine and it fits in with our favorite saying cleaning that don’t cost the earth. This is cleaning products that don’t cost the earth. The price is great and its eco friendly what more can we ask.”

Mr. T Singh, Executive House Keeper

Thank you for your interest in Clean Sol . We look forward to hearing from you!